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Jeff-Net Report Runner Web Portal is an add-on to our Report Runner Batch and Event Server software. It is an ASP.Net web application that allows you to get your Crystal Reports up and running on the web in just a few hours. Reports can be generated to a number of different formats, including PDF and viewed online, emailed as an attachment, or printed to your network printer(s). Additionally, we provide for both dynamic and static reports. Dynamic reports are reports you run on-demand, 100% live data. Static reports are reports you run once a day, once a week, once a month, ten times a day (whatever frequency you prefer), and these reports are posted on the portal for instant viewing. Lastly, we also allow for links to existing documents on your server or other URLs you want to link to. This is a fully featured, fully customizable report portal.

Report Runner Web Portal is a great way to replace the need for Crystal Reports Server or Crystal Reports Enterprise. And it costs A LOT less! So if you’re looking for an alternative to Crystal Reports Server and Crystal Reports Enterprise, you’ve found it in Report Runner Web Portal! Report Runner Web Portal can even support report instances and cascading picklists!

The application just works “right out-of-the-box”. The application is super-easy to brand using the tools provided. You also get the ASP.Net source code, so you can modify the application to fit your company’s needs. You do NOT need to know ASP.Net to brand the application, though. Easy branding and customization is built-in, and you can see for yourself with our online demo.

For the online user demo, the ID and password are both “demo”. MAKE SURE YOU DISABLE POPUPS! Popups are used to display the report to the screen (the report pops up and the app goes back to the report list).

There is no security set for the Administrative demo, but you can set a password within your own installation.

NOTE: Since our demo environment is open to anyone, we randomly reset the environment daily to fix changed IDs and passwords, fix report definitions, etc..

You may contact us and email us an Access database or Excel spreadsheet data and one of your Crystal Reports, and we will post it to the test/demo server for free. This will enable you to see how fast you can get report up and running using our web portal.

Last-but-not-least, the most common question we get is “Will reports be filtered based on the user’s ID?”. Yes! Yes! Yes! Users see only the reports they are authorized to see. We have full search and category filtering capabilities for finding reports too. You really must experience this portal to fully understand how easy it is to setup and configure and brand!

Our Report Runner Web Portal is also a GREAT way for your users to run Crystal Reports on iPad, iPhone, Android, Blackberry, Mac OS, browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Safari… ANY device with a web browser. Our Report Runner Web Portal, because it’s browser based, works on ALL devices. Run Crystal Reports on iPad? Yes! Run Crystal Reports on iPhone? Yes! Run Crystal Reports on Android? Yes! Get the picture? Run the reports on Blackberry? Yes! On Mac OS? On Windows 8? On anything? Yes! Yes! Yes! You have to see it to believe it! Just run our Web Portal demo on the device of your choice… you’ll see!







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Web Portal Add-On for Existing Report Runner Batch Enterprise Customers


First Year
  • 1 Machine
  • Unlimited Users
  • Concurrent
  • Requires Existing Report Runner Batch Enterprise License
  • Includes 1 Extra Report Runner Batch Enterprise License
  • Includes Report Runner Event Server License
  • Global Monitoring
  • Standard Invoices and Agreements
  • 3,450/Year Renewal
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Per Year
  • All Windows Products
  • Unlimited Machines
  • Unlimited Users
  • Worldwide
  • Standard Invoices and Agreements
  • 7,500/Year Renewal
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Note: You will need to contact us for a download link for Web Portal. This is the only product we have that requires this extra step.