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November 1st, 2021 - There are now TWO versions of our software to choose from. You are licensed for BOTH versions. Please read carefully.

Warning: You should NOT update during production. In general, our updates do not require rebooting the machine/server, but if anything is using our software during an update, you will get a notice to reboot the machine. You should ONLY update when no production is running and the machine can be rebooted if necessary.

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Confused on which to choose?

Don't be. If you're a brand new customer, choose 2030. If you are an existing customer, and you're scared to choose, there is no wrong answer. The easiest choice is 2025, because there are no new requirements. 2030 requires you to have .Net 4.6 or later (most machines do). But if you're scared to make a choice, then install the latest 2025 release. You do not need to contact Support to ask them which one to update to. You will be fine with either one.



--- Requires ---
.Net 4.6 or later

This version 2030 will be the release where updates will be made.

When updating, the previous release will be removed/uninstalled (this is different than the way we used to update). Your data is safe, though. No changes are ever made to your data.

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--- Requires ---
.Net 4.0 or later

No future updates to version 2025 (2030 is the update).

When updating, nothing is uninstalled. The update just overwrites existing files. Your data is safe, though. No changes are ever made to your data.

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